Saturday, August 08, 2009

Painting 20 - Daylily

Whew - twenty paintings under my belt! No wonder I needed a two hour nap today. Now I have to complete 5 more paintings by August 20th to keep on track for my 100 paintings in a year challenge.

I've been admiring and studying the watercolor floral paintings of Laure Ferlita at Painted Thoughts and Jacqueline Gnott at Contemporary Realism and have wanted to give it a go myself. So this morning I took my camera and walked to our local natural food store to photograph some of the beautiful flowers they have growing in their water-wise landscaping. This lily particularly caught my eye. I think this type is a Stella D'Oro daylily. Unfortunately the photo I took included a dead bloom in front of the right hand side of the flower. When I started the drawing, I chose not to include the dead bloom. It would've just looked like a blob and not added anything to the painting. But then I had to invent what the right hand side of the flower looked like! The stamens were the most challenging part of the painting, though - they got quite confusing to paint and in the end the angle that they went back into tube of the flower is not accurate. However, I am very pleased with how this came out overall.

As I mentioned with Painting 19, I am feeling very comfortable with the watercolors now. I think that since I'm no longer fighting with the paint, this will free me up a bit to concentrate on improving my backgrounds and compositions.


Laure Ferlita said...

You would never know of the troubles you mention with dead blooms, drawing in the right side, and the wrong curve of the stamens had you not mentioned them.

This is gorgeous! Very well done! Bravo!


Dianne Poinski said...

This is beautiful! Daylilies are one of my favorite flowers to photograph and you have really captured everything I love about the.

I would say you are on track for your goal of 100 paintings! Congrats!

Katherine Kean said...

Daylilies are a favorite flower of mine too. Did you know they're edible?
I find flowers so hard to paint. You've done a wonderful job here and I find the bottom most petal amazing!

I adore the little bunneh below too.

Krista Meister said...

So proud you are staying on track with your 100 paintings in a year! Truly admirable!