Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hibernation - Can I join in?

I think in another life I was a bear. Or a groundhog. Or one of these box elder bugs. Whatever I was, the desire to go into hibernation this time of year has followed me into this realm of existence, as has the desire to eat everything in sight. And I am confident that the daylight savings time change this weekend will not help the situation one bit.

On top of the sleepiness, I have been so restless and listless lately. Maybe it is just because Paul and I are headed into the two most pivotal weeks of his PhD program to date, but as his supportive spouse there's nothing I can actually do about it except just wait. And bake cookies (with a rather Leave It To Beaver mentality that home-baked goodies made with plenty of butter and love will make everything all right). While the cookies may clog his arteries, hopefully they won't clog his brain cells as he needs them to pass his comprehensive exams. This is kind of like passing the Sphinx, or Fluffy the giant three-headed dog; making a mistake would be very, very bad. I have every confidence that Paul will pass with no problem, but it is still a long, nerve-wracking process for both of us. My preference would be that I go to sleep now and he can wake me up when he's got the good news.

So, to my little half-hearted sketch. I'm obsessed with these box elder bugs and I wanted to try something different tonight. I thought maybe using colored pencils for a change would shake me out of my stupor. However, I think they had about as much chance at really perking me up as trying to wake up a hibernating bear.


Kelly said...

I very much enjoyed your post this evening. I agree with you....butter and sugar cures all ills and eliminates stress and anxiety. I hope your hubby does well, and that he appreciates what you are going through too. I am also a hibernator and have gained 3 pounds in the past 10 days preparing for winter...drats. (Love your bug...the colored pencils are perfect.)

Heather said...

I'm with you on the hibernating thing, too. I MADE myself go for a walk yesterday, otherwise I would have been on the couch all day long. I wish Paul bonne chance on his PhD exams. Surely your cookies will increase his chances of success! And I really like your sketch of the box elder bug... the colors speak to me.

Laure Ferlita said...

A bear? Really? Hmmmm, never would have guessed!! ;•)

This too shall pass! Cookies will make it pass faster!

Krista Meister said...

There's something about the approaching winter that makes us slow down... or just the coldness outside making us want to stay under the covers a little longer.

And yes, home-baked goodies made with plenty of butter and love DO make everything all right.

Bill S. said...

Better not hibernate - he needs support and a listening ear when nothing else works. Stick in there. Good luck to him - and you.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks all for your support - we should have the news by this evening.

Don't worry Bill, since I can't hibernate I am the picture of spousal support. I have a backlog of really bad jokes that keep him laughing when the stress gets too much. Thanks for visiting my blog!