Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coasting Along

Ouch, bad pun for the title, I know. Sorry! But I do seem to be on a landscape painting kick here. I learned so much from the last one I did I just had to try again. As usual, I chose a challenging subject despite my beginner status; the Oregon Coast on an overcast day!

This time I decided to try a different painting surface. Our old art store had these Gessobords on sale last year in 4 packs so I bought some to try out. I did prime* the surface before I painted on it and the first layers of paint took a bit better than the unprimed surface of the Claybord. The Gessobord has a very slight texture to it, which made it feel almost sticky as I was applying the paint. I didn't like that, but I made it work. I guess I really do prefer painting on an extremely smooth surface.

* I should probably clarify that both the Gessobord and the Claybord are already primed and ready to paint on. I just like to add another layer of primer in a mid-value gray.

Although I've been really enjoying the challenge of landscape painting, I think I'll be going back to one of my usual subjects for my next painting. My brain needs a rest and time to absorb everything I've learned this week. And I've got some butterfly reference photos that are just calling out to me.


Dianne Poinski said...

Beautiful painting! I just got back from visiting the No Calif coast. I took many photographs and your painting has inspired me to work on a few images. After all the flower images I have been doing lately, I am feeling the urge to do a few landscapes. It helps to mix things up now and then.

Gabrielle said...

Hi Dianne,

I will definitely look forward to seeing the images from your trip!

Sharon Wright said...

What an interesting blog, I've had a lovely browse. Thank you for your visit and comment, which made me come take a look. I appreciate that. I too have been a detail freak, so the good thing about the group is that I have limited time to get down the important elements. I don't usually go back to a painting started at the group. Try giving yourself a time limit, it works for me.
I wish you happy painting in your new home.

Gabrielle said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for stopping by. I will try your suggestion of setting a time limit. I can so easily fritter away an entire day just fussing over one little part of a painting, so your tip will probably help with my time management.