Thursday, November 03, 2011

Spring Flowers in Autumn

Nearly all the leaves are off the trees now, and I have to scrape the frost off the car windshield every morning. Fall is well on its way to winter. I have summer stored in my computer though, in all the photos I am still slowly processing from our trip. The sunshine, warmth, and potential subject matter will sustain me through the long winter.

Pencil sketch of trillium

I believe this is Pacific trillium, Trillium ovatum. It was blooming in profusion at the DeVoto Cedar Grove along the Lochsa river in Idaho. Such a peaceful place. The only sound was the river, extra high this year because of all the snow in the Rockies. The smell was of rich, damp earth. And the ground under the silent, towering cedars was strewn with trillium.

The DeVoto Cedar Grove always makes me think of my father. He grew up in Idaho and loved the Lochsa river. He fished, hunted and camped along the river as a young man and then as a father he brought our family here on vacations. In many ways he was not well-suited to be a parent, but he did pass on to me a love of nature and art and I will always be grateful for that.


Ken Januski said...

Lovely sketch Gabrielle. There is just something about trilliums, though I've never seen this type.

In spite of any early October snow winter has not yet arrived. I still have a few weeks I hope before I need to start looking through my photos for subject matter. When I do I'm sure it's the warmer, brighter ones that will catch my interest though. Then I start longing for those first flowers of spring.

Vanessa said...

Hi Gabrielle! Very lovely sketch and interesting to read about the changes taking place around you. Funny how simple everyday things kind of remind us about much greater things huh?

Sometimes none of us are prepared for what life brings, but we do the best we can. Just like the flower pushing through the crisp air and harsher winds just to bloom for once.

Sonya Johnson said...

Very nice sketch of the trilliums. I first saw them hiking on the Long Trail in VT. Absolutely beautiful flowers - my favorite wildflower of that region.

I really enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all the photos and sketches of birds in particular. Very nice work!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, Gabrielle - we actually have a lot in common! I started out as a biologist, but my passion for art was stronger. I love to see trilliums in the woods, and your sketch of them is absolutely lovely!

Gabrielle said...

Hi all, thanks so much for all of the comments. I didn't realize that trilliums were so popular! We'll have to see which one of us spots the first trillium next spring. Vanessa - I'd love to know about the wild flowers in Bermuda.

Jennifer Kley said...

I love what you wrote in your profile: That you paint for joy and profit. That's righty. Me too. Every profession deserves its compensation.