Saturday, February 18, 2012

Duck Season

There's a wonderful man-made pond in a park near our apartment that is fed by a warm spring. If conditions are just right, the rising steam freezes and makes beautiful crystals in the air.

The local mallard population and I take full advantage of this pond during the cold months. The mallards stay warm and fed, and I've gotten a lifetime's supply of mallard duck reference photos and sketches.

I hope to share some of those sketches with you soon but I've injured my shoulder and typing on the computer aggravates it. No, no, no sympathy please; the injury is my own fault and I should've known better. I've been a little overzealous after finally finding an affordable and welcoming yoga studio here in town. I started getting warning signs but I wrote them off as simply being out of shape and now I'm paying for not listening to my body! I am thankful that it was my left shoulder though, since I am right-handed. I hope to be able to return to writing more posts and leaving comments on your blogs soon.

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Ken Januski said...

Hi Gabrielle,

Looking forward to seeing the Mallard sketches. Do you know FDR Park in South Philly? I've never been there but I keep hearing what a wonderful spot it is for ducks, especially in winter. One of these days I hope to do my own duck sketches there. While I wait of course there are the Mallards and many hybrids of Valley Green.

Get well soon!