Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Froot Loops Is Finished

12x16 acrylic on canvas board

The DH started calling this painting "Froot Loops". It is not my intention to keep that as the official title of this piece, plus Kelloggs would probably consider it a copyright issue, but for now it's fun. 

After staring at the painting for a week, I did decide to do a tiny little bit more to the background; just little hints of foliage and branches with a palette knife (another first for me). I'm pretty pleased with the results and the painting overall. But my open studio mentors have told me I need to bring even bigger brushes next week...

A picture of my charming model from the Pittsburgh Aviary.


Sonya Johnson said...

This turned out wonderfully! The background, in terms of value and level of detail, is just the perfect compliment to the colorful Toucan. What a handsome chap he is!

"Froot Loops" - ha! Leave it to a guy to come up with a funny name for a painting, right? At least that's the way it works over here ;).

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Sonya! I'm really pleased with it. I feel like I found a good balance between restraint and experimentation with this piece.

Yes, if I'm ever stuck for a name of a piece, I can depend on the DH to at least come up with something amusing. Hee-hee.