Monday, April 28, 2014

Upcoming Adventures

"It's easy to get bogged down in the circumstantial and mundane, but if we connect to our passion, that in itself will be regenerative."
                                                                                                                      ~ Nina Simons

The arrowleaf balsamroot is blooming in the foothills, at last

How is it the end of April already? I've been burning the candle at both ends, that's for sure. After attending my second mind-blowingly inspiring Susan K. Black artist workshop last Fall, I made a pledge to myself that I would stop making excuses, stop worrying what people think, and focus on developing my art into a full-fledged career this year. I haven't been particularly productive in terms of creating art (or blogging!), but I've been busy with a number of other art-related activities.

I've been teaching art classes and workshops in area art centers this Spring. One of my favorite classes that I've developed is a beginning drawing class. It is so wonderful to see people who swore they could never draw producing really lovely drawings in a matter of weeks. I love to teach, and apparently the participants actually like my teaching, because I already have requests for more classes in the Fall.

I'm working on a total overhaul of my website. I bet you didn't even know I had a website. That's because it's so old and clunky that I've been embarrassed to even admit I have one. Time to fix that!

A few months ago, I dropped off my business card at a local coffee shop that I really like. They feature local artists during the monthly downtown art walk. Last month they contacted me when their scheduled art show fell through and I was able to pull together a substitute show for them at the last minute. I made some sales during that show and now they want to carry some of my work in their shop.

As if all that wasn't enough, I've been planning and coordinating a series of adventures that will start over the next few months. Here are a few hints as to what I'll be doing:

 Adventure 1:
Hint: The building on the left is home to the oldest one of these in the US.
The sculpture in the middle and the building on the right are new additions to this.
I'll be most involved in the building on the right.

 Adventure 2:

Hint: That wall looks awfully blank...

And if these clues haven't been enough to inspire you to stay tuned, I'll post a cute photo of our cat in a shameless bid to keep you coming back because there's plenty more cute where that came from.

She needs her 16 hours of sleep a day.
How do I get in on that racket???

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