Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Illustration Friday - Rain

This is a pen & ink picture I did many years ago, treated with Photoshop for the rain effect. A cat snoozing away a rainy day makes me think of hot tea or cocoa, a roaring fire and a good book. A far cry from this week's hot weather!

All of the illustrations in this blog are copyrighted, so don't be a jerk and use them for your own selfish purposes. Thanks.


carra said...

Very sweet and tender! You just wanna cuddle the cat, they are so warm and comfy when they are sleeping.

Rainy days are great for a long read and a pot of your favourite tea. As long as it doesn't rain *all* the time ;)

Amy Zaleski said...

You're right on with this illustration. At best, rainy days can be a cozy excuse to stay in. I wonder if whomever suggested this topic knew the whole East Coast was under a cloud?

Marie-Dom said...

This is so lovely.

arvindh said...

adorable illo! cat napping on a sill with the rain falling outside - nothing get cosier than that in one's living room!

carla said...

This is lovely! I can almost hear the cat purring away, safe behind the window. I really like the composition with the vertical line breaking the cat's figure, and i love the rain effect. Wonderful work!