Monday, June 15, 2009

Painting 9 In Progress

If you've been following my 100 Paintings in a Year Challenge, you may be scratching your head and thinking "Painting #9!? Uh, I think you missed a few." Well... I did do Paintings 7 and 8, but I chose not to post them. (I can hear some of you scolding me for that, but hey, it's my blog. If you want this done differently, get your own blog!) I did learn a lot from those "missing" paintings, which is the most important thing, but they are not for show and tell.

I'm not even sure I should be posting this painting yet. I think I need to work on masking fluid technique. I was going for that sparkling sun in the ripples look, but I fear I went a little overboard with the masking. Perhaps some shadows following the masking will bring out that ripple effect I'm looking for. I also need to go back in and bump up the color on the river rock, since that washed out a bit with the glaze.

Anyone with water/river rock painting experience is welcome to share tips!

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Heather said...

Wow, I really like this one. Once again, sorry I can't offer you any technical advice, but I certainly "get" that you're going for sun sparkling on the water. I really like the coloring of the rocks, too.