Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This month is Madeleine's birth month. She is 8 years old, making her a little older than us in cat years. Possibly why she gives us those looks "Oh, you youngsters!".

Not only is this her birth month to celebrate, but she just went to see her specialty vet today and her meds will stay the same and she won't need to go back for another year. Good news! Madeleine has kitty cardiomyopathy, meaning one of her heart ventricles is enlarged and doesn't pump blood very efficiently. It was diagnosed 2 years ago and our regular vet prepared us for the worse, giving her 6 months to a year before she started showing signs of heart failure and a fast downhill from there. We were referred to a specialty vet who put her on Atenolol (a human heart medication - go figure) and she has stabilized and has been doing very well ever since. We know eventually it will catch up with her, but for now we're thrilled she's holding steady and giving us a few more years of purring and head-butts.


Laure Ferlita said...

Happy birthday, Pretty Girl!!!

We know those "oh, bother" looks too. We get quite a few of them around here!

Youa Vang said...

happy birthday! I love that picture of her on the couch. it's so darling.

Katherine Kean said...

She's adorable! Glad she's doing well and you've lots of purring ahead.

Eve said...

Ahhhh She has good parents that keep her healthy and happy. What more could she ask for! I'd say she's in good hands.