Monday, October 19, 2009

Painting 36 - Exuberant Toucan

This toucan - which still remains unidentified - is everything I'm not right now. He's colorful (unless you count my red nose), he's smiling, he's exuberant. Well, maybe "exuberant" is taking this a bit too far, but he's certainly got more energy than me. After nearly two years of sniffle-free days, I have at last succumbed to the common cold. Not only am I reduced to a lot of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I'm also downright grumpy. Okay, so I'm not really sick sick, but a cold is really annoying. Not so bad that you can stay home from work, but certainly bad enough to make you miserable at work. How could my immune system have let me down? What about all of those anti-oxidants I ingest; rooibos tea, leafy greens and dark chocolate? My serious attempts at 8 hours of sleep a night? Dragging myself out of bed after said 8 hours to exercise? But hey, I suppose while I'm sitting here keeping the facial tissue industry in business I can take comfort in the fact that, according to Star Trek, they still won't have found a cure for the common cold by the 23rd century.


Laure Ferlita said...

Gorgeous toucan! A suggestion: would love to see some dark darks around his wings so that the line between him and the background blurred. To the point where you don't know where he started and the background stopped.

Sorry to hear about the cold! My mom's got one too. Hope you're feeling better soon.

P.S. Love the nature notes on the blog side bar!

Katherine Kean said...

Aww, sorry about your cold. Lovely Toucan - I like how the background texture plays against the bird.

Feel better!

Heather said...

I like your Toucan! But can you imagine what it would be like to have a cold with a schnozz like that?! Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hopefully you'll be back to your healthy self soon. Take care.

Eve said...

Hope youre better now! The toucan sure is a nice one!