Monday, June 21, 2010

Portrait of a Rhode Island Red

Never thought I'd be learning the names of different breeds of chickens! This one from "our" flock is a Rhode Island Red. She's very curious (nosey?), being the most likely of the hens to peer in our windows, turning her head to look in with one eye and then the other. I think she intimidates our cat a little.

A quick pencil sketch led to this pen and colored pencil study.


Eve said...

As I have learned from my cousin Julie at Dog Trot Farm, chickens are quite the characters!!

Sherrie Y said...

'Twas chickens that first taught me the delights (and challenges!) of drawing from life, and chickens that featured in the first painting I made that got international attention. Perhaps chickens are the patron saints of artists. I should look in to this.

GREAT drawing... very personality-filled!

Hilke Breder said...

Nice drawing! The chicken looks kind of worried, but I guess that's their usual state of mind, being chickens.

Ken Januski said...

When you get settled in maybe your next more ambitious painting should be of your cat being intimidated by the chickens. Sounds like a great subject for a painting!