Thursday, June 07, 2012

Butterfly finished

I put the finishing touches on the butterfly painting this week. Overall I'm pretty pleased. Sadly my open studio group is taking a break for the summer. I know with our upcoming move I wouldn't have had time to continue anyway, but I will miss it!

Did anyone recognize the butterfly species as a Gulf fritillary? They are native to Mexico and Central and South America, but my model was a resident of the live butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.

Detail of antennae.


Ken Januski said...

Looks good Gabrielle. Though I seem to recall seeing this specific species once I just don't know it well.

I had to think of this today as we went to the live butterfly exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. THAT was enough to turn anyone into a student of butterflies.

Gabrielle said...

Hi Ken, ANSP's butterfly exhibit IS pretty amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. When we lived in Philly, I remember the heat and humidity and the full spectrum lights in that exhibit being heaven in February. But right now I'm guessing it would feel cooler in that exhibit than outside!