Monday, July 02, 2012

My Life at the Moment

This is my life at the moment. Oh how I detest packing and moving! But once the actual move is over, I love the adventure of exploring new places and setting up a new home.
Our new apartment has a finished basement and this will be my art studio. Not ideal light, but I can make it work. I am just so happy to have my own art space at last!


Sherrie York said...

Congratulations! It's great to have a dedicated space, I hope it inspires you to get lots of work underway!

marianne said...

hope it's over before you know it- and look forward to exploring your new area with you. Yay! for having dedcicated art space!

Gabrielle said...

Sherrie - I am chomping at the bit to get painting in the new space, but I will have to wait a bit more. Perhaps this forced painting sabbatical will produce some exciting new work in the end.

Marianne - I hope so too! It seems interminable at this point. I can't wait to explore our new area. It seems to be very birdy, even right in our new neighborhood. There's also a little zoo in town - perfect for sketching. So stay tuned!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on finally having a dedicated art space. I can imagine that must be an amazing switch. I've been working out of my dinning room but hopefully one day can do the same :)

Happy Painting!!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Vanessa - thanks for stopping by! Having a dedicated art space is wonderful - but not without its drawbacks as well. I used to always drag my work to the living room or spread it all out on the kitchen table and I don't miss cleaning all that up every day but I do miss being in the heart of any family activity (or being close to the chocolate supply...)