Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Hot Date

Did the post title perk you up for a minute in that supermarket tabloid kind of way? Did you wonder if perhaps I was finally going to admit to some colorful personal details that might make your day a little more interesting? Well I'm going to dash your hopes. My hot date was just an artist date I've been promising myself since we moved to a town with its own small zoo. I'm as sick of all the boxes and unpacking as you would be if I kept posting about it, so time for a field trip!

There's nothing quite as sleepy (and smelly) as a zoo on a hot summer day. All the animals are hidden away in the shade somewhere and the flies are out in abundance. I was also counting on the fact that the humans would hide away in their air-conditioning, leaving the zoo to me, my sketchbook and the hot animals.

Of course first I had to find some animals to sketch...

Water - relief from the heat and the flies.

This big guy found a comfy hollow in the dirt in which to sleep away the day. The rock provided a little privacy from all the paparazzi.

A couple of hot mountain goats dreaming of cool green alpine meadows.

Let's not give in to all the roasted turkey comments we could make.

This marmot was not part of any zoo exhibit and seemed unfazed by the heat.


Laure Ferlita said...

Looks like a successful outing despite flies and heat and hiding animals.

Happy belated birthday to you! Hope it was the happiest!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Laure, thanks for the comment and the birthday wishes! That was really sweet of you to remember.

Sherrie York said...

Love the "hot griz"! I've been twitchy for a little zoo expedition myself... might get one next week.. fingers crossed!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Sherrie, thanks for your comment. I hope you can get to the zoo next week. It's always fun, whether it's animal-watching or people-watching!