Monday, March 02, 2009

Daily Sketch - L'Amour des Avocettes

I love avocets. I don't know exactly why, but they are one of my favorite birds. The bill is so preposterous, yet I can't get enough of them. I guess maybe it is similar to how people go crazy for giraffes, even though they are such absurd-looking creatures. Put me in front of some sort of watering hole with avocets in it and I am transfixed for hours.

A few years ago, my husband planned out a whole special day for our wedding anniversary including visiting Freezeout Lake along the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana where there are lots of avocets. No wonder I'm still madly in love with him after all these years!

So today to beat the Monday blues, I decided to sketch an avocet during my lunch break. I ended up not actually eating lunch because I got so involved with the sketch. Not sure I got the bill curved quite right, and the eye gave me a bit of trouble, but all in all I'm pleased with the result and I hope my crazy fascination with this bird comes through in the sketch.

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