Friday, May 22, 2009

Paintings 2 and 3

Yesterday evening was so beautiful that I couldn't resist a walk along the river (and an ice cream stop) with Paul, so I am posting yesterday's and today's paintings together.

When we got home from our walk, I spotted Madeleine up in the window, totally focused on a couple of starlings in a neighbor's yard. Her concentration and the fading light appealed to me, hence Painting #2.

When I began Painting #2, I could immediately feel myself starting to rush again, so I took a couple of deep breathes and slowed down. I used a big brush on this one, looking for form not details.

It is so hard to do these paintings and not judge!

Today I painted this trillium (Western trillium Trillium ovatum), which is the subject I had originally planned to paint last night. I did a preliminary sketch during my lunch break yesterday and then transferred the sketch to watercolor paper this evening.

I again wanted to keep the brush strokes loose, but with a little more detail than yesterday's painting. Typically I work on hot press watercolor paper for that smooth surface that is so good for fine details, but I used cold press for these last two paintings since I have been working in a looser style this time.

97 more paintings to go!


Eve said...

Beautiful work Gabrielle! Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a real talent here. I like your subjects.

Laure Ferlita said...

Love the image of Madeleine up in the window - it's wonderful to have a resident model and muse all rolled up into one pint-sized fur ball!

Lovely trillium and I think you've accomplished your goal of working loose.

Kelly said...

...both of these paintings have such a peaceful feel to them. You talked about slowing down and taking a breath. I think it worked and showed up a tranquility in the paintings.