Monday, July 06, 2009

Lazy Birding

I am not a heat and humidity person. When I step outside and it is as if I never toweled off from showering, I wither and get grumpy. I'm just not into my clothes sticking to me. Sure my skin looks terrific and my hair curls beautifully (with a little help from some anti-frizz product) but I don't want to do anything but sit around in the AC feeling sorry for myself. So why in the world would I willingly go to Florida in the summer??? Simple - it's for the birds.

Florida has a lot of big birds that really don't seem to care much about flight distance. Pelicans, great blue herons, great egrets and vultures - they are all much more interested in any possible food source you may have than worrying about skedaddling. This means that I can get pretty close to them to sketch and take reference photos. Of course when they realize I'm not going to feed them, they give me a dirty look and wander off, but by that point I've gotten what I wanted out of the deal. And the birds such as sandhill cranes, pileated woodpeckers and anhingas that do tend to avoid close proximity to humans are still big enough to be easily observed from a comfortable distance. So for lazy birding, I'll put up with the heat and humidity. Plus there's some amazing BBQ and seafood to be eaten, in air conditioned comfort of course.

Florida Scrub Jay


Roseate Spoonbill

Black and Turkey Vultures

Green Heron

Snowy Egret


marge said...

Thanks for the photos of our "Home Birds". Where in Florida? I am in Sarasota and we plan vacations for this time of year...preferably to a cold place.
The meadow lark painting is lovely so far.

Laure Ferlita said...

Lazy birding?! That's a new one on me! Love your shot of the anhinga!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness!! Love the birds!!! Lazy birding is good. I guess that's what I was doing at Pinckney (and I was calling it cherry picking!) Love the were able to get his wing pattern--gorgeous!!! Also...the Roseate Spoonbill, missed that one. Where did you go in Florida?

Gabrielle said...

Hi Marge, Laure and Kelly - thanks for stopping by! Paul has family scattered south of Tampa Bay so these photos are from the Tampa to Ft. Meyers area. When we sneak away from the family, we go to Ding Darling NWR, Corkscrew Swamp, Myakka River State Park and other locales in between. Marge and Laure - since you are both from Florida, what are your favorite wildlife spots there?