Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Muse is Out for a Drink

Ugh, I hate weekends like this - where you've got a ton of free time to do anything you want but nothing inspires, nothing motivates, nothing seems interesting or worthwhile. You listlessly stare at your paint tubes, occasionally picking up a paintbrush and then putting it back down again with a big sigh. You go through your stacks and piles and boxes of reference photos and nothing jumps out and says "Paint me!". On top of that, you get stung by a #%!* yellow jacket when you venture outside for inspiration.

So I present you with this to ponder, instead of a painting:

We are a proud town of dumpster-divers, found object artists, and the best way to get rid of something - anything - is to put it out by the curb; it will disappear in seconds. Guaranteed.

However, this item remained stubbornly affixed to the curb. But why? This is a piece of Fine Furniture. And to sweeten the deal, the owner thoughtfully spray-painted the word "FREE" across the front, figuring this would expedite the process. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Bargain with a capital B! I'm sure the owner was just scratching his head, day after day, wondering why his sofa was still there, wondering how anyone could resist this treasure he had so generously donated to the cause.

It brought me endless amusement.


Maree said...

Hi, I've had EXACTLY that type of week-end! Left me with Monday morning blues when I woke up this morning, but definitely feel better now that I've read I'm not the only one! thanks for the inspiration.

Laure Ferlita said...

A suggestion . . . the next time this happens, pick something to draw or paint - it doesn't matter what - gather your materials and set a timer. Yes, you read that right - set a timer for 30 minutes. Begin. If at the the end of thirty minutes you are "into it" keep going.

If at the end of thirty minutes you're somewhat inspired, keep going for another 30 minutes.

If at the end of thirty minutes you're just simply not feeling it, find something else to do.

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to begin a thing. Action always generates inspiration, but seldom does inspiration generate action."
- Frank Tibolt